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Indie Bookstore Day

Local Author Spotlight

Indie Bookstore Day - Bookworm's Version

This is our first year celebrating Indie Bookstore Day, and we are so excited!

We had to think outside of the box since we don't have a store. We decided we wanted to do something special. 

Picking a location was pretty easy - we love Vitamin Sea, and since that was where we had our first pop-up, several pop-ups since then, and our monthly book club it feels like home to us. 

Next, was what to do. A regular Brewery Book Fair would be fine. But Indie Bookstore Day needed to be special. 

We will be setting up shop with all our books and fun stuff, but we're also bringing a bunch of friends with us. It is a party, after all! 

So we invited local women authors to join us! They'll be set up all around the brewery where you can meet them, buy their books, and get your books signed!


Please join us for a really fun, special day to celebrate our unique bookstore and the local literary talent! (And beer, of course!) 

Meet The Authors

Alexandra Hale


Caroline Kautsire


Elle Beaumont

Fantasy, Romance

Julie Hutchings


Nicole Asselin

Cozy Mystery

Cancelled - Kerrin Willis

Historical Fiction

Chelsea Curto


Gail Ward Olmsted


Lisa Braxton

Historical Fiction

Nicole Waterhouse


Caroline Frank


Dolly Hardy


Jennifer Safrey


MaryBeth McCarthy


Riley Adaris

Queer Fiction

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