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The Full Story


Bookworm is a pop-up mobile bookstore based in Quincy, MA. We happily lug our used book inventory and bookish fun finds to different hosts around the South Shore so you can come shop. Our favorite is setting up our Brewery Book Fair - all the fun of the book fairs you remember from elementary school, but our stuff has swear words and you get to drink beer while you shop. 

Jen and Jamie

The women behind Bookworm are Jen and Jamie. They have been best friends since high school. They bonded over a shared love of reading, punk music, and being weird.
Opening a bookstore has been a bff dream for years and they are finally making it happen! 

Our Values

  • Be Kind

  • Stay Weird

  • Have fun

  • Provide a curated selection of books and accessories we love

  • Support local and women owned as much as possible

  • Treat everyone with respect

  • Trust our gut(s)

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